The word Kairao represents a spiritual seed in the language of the Yawanawa people. This seed represents wisdom, self-understanding and connection to the natural world around us.

Our organisation has its roots in the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon and branches spreading into our western world. Our work at Kairao is directed in 3 ways:

Sowing Seeds


Indigenous culture carries a message that we have long forgotten to hear in our own. A message of connection and self-understanding that we believe is important and necessary in our world of today. Of what it means to be a human being in relation to the natural world around us.

Our mission is to spread this seed of understanding in a form that is true and respectful to its origins. Giving indigenous leaders a platform to share their words directly in a form that they feel comfortable with.

Each wisdom keeper that passes away takes with them a whole library of knowledge accumulated over generations. We aim to give them the opportunity to share their lineage with the world. Keeping it alive and bringing more understanding and connection into our own communities. 

Cultural Preservation & Independence

Though the message that we carry is universal, it has an origin and our work is also to care for this. The cultural heritage of the Yawanawa was almost lost when our world met theirs. Today a lot has been recovered but a lot is still at risk of being forgotten.

The seed of Kairao is present in traditional arts, crafts, songs, language, stories, medicines and foods. Today, we strive to keep these alive in a way that is true to their roots. Supporting work and projects that encourage the youth to be proud of their ancestry and study their own heritage as well as improving quality of life in the village.

If this understanding isn’t preserved or passed down to the new generations, it would be a loss to all of humanity.

Environmental Preservation

Indigenous people represent under 5% of the world’s population but protect 80% of global biodiversity. The understanding of the Yawanawa is based upon the natural world around them. More than just their home, the rainforest is traditionally the source of all their food and all their medicines and this forest is at risk.

Therefore, our work is also directed towards preserving the rainforest by discouraging harmful practices and supporting positive change. Moving towards sustainable living and  independence from the cities for food and supplies.

To us, the indigenous knowledge is a treasure of humanity that is intrinsically connected to the rainforest where it originates. Ensuring a living, thriving rainforest is just as important as caring for the indigenous teachings themselves.